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AI Content Writing for SEO Backlinks

To assist with creating material for our high-volume backlink development, we leverage AI marketing content authoring tools.

With the same budget, we can now produce around ten times as much high-quality material as we could just a few years ago using our paid AI content writing tools.

We can produce content ranging from 1p a word that is the best quality backlink content.

Often backlinks are made in an automated fashion using software and automation scripts, however we build our links manually – placing AI written content onto powerful 3rd party websites.

Linking these powerful websites to yours – will boost your search rankings in Google in a highly cost-effective manner.

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Backlink Content for SEO

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High-Quality SEO Content for backlinks

Quality Content with backlinks from our Milton Keynes SEO Agency

AI Content for Backlinks

When space permits, we try to provide 500–1500 words of original material on most of our backlinks.

The typical focus of our backlink material is one to five keywords.

We can also produce you a massive piece of content based around five to ten keywords.

Let’s say you wanted 100,000 words of content, based around 10 keywords, we could easily produce high quality content like that for you.

We can deliver 100K word packages like this for £150. You can then use this unique content to make backlinks with.

This is much better than using the same content, and then placing that identical content on lots of sites repeatedly, which a lot of SEO agencies do using automation software.


AI Content and Hand-Written Professional SEO Copy

We have deliver you 100K words of keyword-targeted content for just £150 using AI.

However if you would like the best quality content, for example for your home pages, we would advise investing more like £150 for 1 page of content.

This would involve us doing some keyword research on your site, then delivering you an article in the region of 1,350 words.

We use an up to 15-stage procedure when we design our content, using various SEO and AI tools.

We can create unique articles for between £10 and £150, depending on how much time you want us to invest into each piece for you.


Backlink content plays a crucial role in SEO by providing external links from authoritative websites back to your site. These backlinks signal to search engines that your website is credible and relevant, which can positively impact your website's rankings in search results. You can improve your site's authority, visibility, and organic traffic by creating high-quality backlink content that naturally incorporates relevant keywords and anchor text.

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